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Editorial Principles

  1. International Journal of Humanities and Education (IJHE) accepts articles in Turkish and English.
  2. Articles written in different languages but having a special importance in their fields will be sent to reviewers if approved by the absolute majority of the publication board.
  3. IJHE is a journal published electronically. The whole volume of the journal or PDF formats of the articles are available free of charge. Therefore, hardcopy of the journal is not sent to writers or third parties.
  4. All the scientific and legal responsibilities of the articles are taken by the author. In this regard, our journal cannot be put under any obligation. The authors sending their manuscripts to the journal are regarded to accept and acknowledge this.
  5. IJHE does not accept articles published or sent for revival anywhere else. The authors subscribing to the internet site of the journal and uploading their manuscripts are considered to accept this beforehand. In this regard, our journal acts based on the author’s statement and the author is under the obligation of making declaration of the truth. If the opposite is detected, every legal, scientific and ethical responsibility is taken by the author.
  6. The manuscripts uploaded into the system of the journal are sent to two reviewers to be evaluated. If two of the reviewers approve it, the article proceeds through the process of publication. If both of the reviewers refute the article, the article cannot be published. If one of the reviewers approves but the other refutes, the manuscript is sent to third reviewer and based on the evaluation of the third reviewer, decision is made.
  7. Appointment of reviewers, their works and evaluation processes are kept secret. Which reviewers evaluate which manuscripts is only known by the publication board and editors of the journal. In this regard, no information is given to authors. (For Review Forms)
  8. Reviewers can require corrections for manuscripts they have reviewed. These corrections can be large-scale or small-scale corrections. Two chances are given to authors for the corrections. For each of these corrections, time given to the author cannot be more than 15 days. The articles that cannot be corrected within due time are refuted.
  9. If any study that was presented as a thesis, paper, poster etc. anywhere previously was turned into a manuscript and uploaded to the system of the journal, information about the prior presentation of the article should be given in the first page of the article in the form of footnote. If this is not done, the author is viewed to have committed “ethical violation”.
  10. Copyrights of the articles uploaded to the system of the journal are delivered to the journal. No signature or confirmation is required from the author for this operation. No fee is paid to the author for the publication of the article.
  11. Maximum effort is invested for the fastest review of the article uploaded to the system of the journal. The author is informed about whether the article is accepted for the publication or not within 10 weeks on average after the uploading of the article into the system over the system. The author cannot withdraw his/her article before the end of this period.
  12. The corresponding author of the co-authored articles will be the one uploading the article into the system, no contact is made with the other author(s) and except for the corresponding author, no one is informed about the process.
  13. IJHE is issued twice per-year in April and October. This may change depending on the publication system of the journal, review process and technical issues. The journal does not assume any responsibility for any change that can occur at the time of publication.
  14. In articles written in Turkish, an extended abstract with the length of 700-1500 words written in English is required. This extended abstract section should include purpose, content, short literature review, method, findings and results.
  15. IJHE has a right to directly publish any article uploaded into the system or sent for publication, place it into the line of articles waiting for publication, put it into the process of publication after corrections are done or refute it. Authors are regarded to know and acknowledge this. In this regard, they cannot start any initiative to put the journal under pressure and make any request.
  16. We have a policy of screening for plagiarism.
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